We are a family business, started in the world of decorating walls 23 years ago, our beginnings were in the sector of the framing, we gradually expand the sale of paintings in our shop and over time we wanted to expand our reach offering our products not only in the local scope but can take to locations that it was impossible for us to reach from our store.

This is how we started to be suppliers of our products for other stores and we were increasingly covering more locations until the possibility of taking a new turn with the arrival of the internet.

The opening of our online store, allowed us to offer our own products throughout the territory and even to new countries where otherwise it would have been very difficult to access.

In Cuadrostock we distinguish ourselves by our own manufacture, we have our own printing workshop, where we make the prints, and also our assembly shop, from the first moment the product is of own creation and manufacture.

With our eagerness to be able to grow we are working with publishers from other countries to be able to offer our clients a wider range of images and thus be able to satisfy all possible tastes.

We take care of all manufacturing processes from the moment in which the customer places the order, we like to satisfy our customers and think that our work is part of the decoration and warmth of a house.

We enjoy doing our work and we try to make this reflected from the first moment.